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Report Legacy GP Birmingham 27th Place by Enrico Selis

Hello everyone, my name is Enrico and today i wanna talk with you about a deck that i’ve been playing for a lot of time and i love: miracles.

i will take a step back to introduce the deck list i played in Birmingham which i locked the 27th position with.

3x snapcaster mage, 4x force of will, 1x counterspell, 1x spell pierce, 1x spell snare, 1x flusterstorm, 4x brainstorm, 4x ponder, 3x portent, 1x predict

3x terminus, 1x supreme verdict, 4x swords to plowshares, 1x unespectedly absent, 1x council’s judgment, 3x jace tms, 1x gideon ally of zendikar, 1x entreath the angels, 2x back to basics, 4x flooded strand, 2x arid mesa, 3x scalding tarn, 3x plains, 6x island, 2x tundra

Sideboard : 3x disenchant, 1x flusterstorn, 1x hydroblast, 1x spell snare, 1x back to basics, 2x surgical extraction, 2x containment priest, 2x vendillion clique, 1x supreme verdict, 1x path to exile

I decided to give a different approach to a massive event such as a Grand Prix because i expected to find many non-blue decks like DNT, eldrazi, goblin, lands, red prison and many more. Basically the key had been to cut off the red color in order to keep my mana base as strong and solid as i could by playing 9 basic lands and only 2 duals rather than play 6 basics and 6 duals like a standard list does to not give any space of value to wasteland, this choice wasn’t that easy for me to take because the match up against miracles without red was not that good overall i knew that i wouldn’t have found tons of that simply because most of the people prefere to play a GP with a proactive deck like grixis delver or 4c control or any aggro decks instead of miracles expected to find i also tought that a card like Back to Basics would have given me the most chance to perfectly optimize my mana base and snatch a some games.

Playing an uw base control deck means that you can play a powerfull sweeper like Supreme Verdict alongside Terminus, basically because the deck always does fetch for basic lands and the mana color intensive factor on verdict it self wasn’t a problem at all, perhaps in a metagame full of grixis delver and 4c i found verdict better than terminus more than once, even because it’s an usefull solution against Monastery Mentor in a miracles mirror match. As a permanent solution i put a Council and an absent because the first it’s just better because it takes everything but the second it’s quicker and with a lot of cc3 spells was better than the second Council.

Like you can see this deck is not playing Monastery Mentor. Mentor is a card than doesn’t need introductions, it’s a creature that once in play with a couple of cantrips can win the game it self but by the time i begun to play test the deck 4c was really popular and i rather prefered to run two win conditions that would have been more efficent than mentor against that specific match up, which was bad for everyone’s opinion., so i decided to put Entreath and Gideon istead of it as the time went on play-testing the deck i found out that this list was most likely to take longer than the Mentor one to close the game, but was better because the spot removals on my opponent’s hands were just dead cards mostly and by the time i sucesfully resolved one of my win con was just a matter of time before take it down.

Another big missing in this list is Counterbalace. Cb is a card that makes a lot of card advantage combined to cantrips spells but since when sdt has been banned the card has lost power and often it’s just a chair over your board that does nothing because unfortunately we do not always know waths the top card of the deck and so i decided to don’t play it.

I opted for my counter magic package to have a full range of cheap spells basically because in a GP you are likely to find tons of unfair combo decks such as br reanimator bg depths ant all spells.

So yes, with all these decisions taken i started my GP day 1. I had two byes after winning a GPt on the previous day.

Turn 3

i sat at the table and found an italian friend than lives here in London and i knew straight away that i was gonna face red prison. Honestly i’m always happy to find this mutch up just because i play a lot of basic lands and answers to permanents so i felt pretty confident on this.

Unfortunately things turned out to be pretty difficult for me as he went nuts on game one by playing chalice of the void otp. But i had a spot during the whole game to get a threat in play as we were both keep drawing lands and lands due to the chalice that made me unable to cast my full cc1 cantrips hand and as turns went on he saw a Chandra that shut the door.

On the second game i took a mulligan at 5 and kept a medium hand with Force of Wil, my opponent started on playing a turn one Trinisphere that i had to force because i was mono island. Chalice of the Void on turn two slew down the game but after few turns i drew one of my 3 Disenchant and fought until this situation. Opponent with 4 cards in hand double Tomb, Mountain, Mox, Karn, token of karn, he had been doing draw go for a while so that dealt me to think that he had something unplayible going in with 6 mana in play, The hand could have been moxes, and Fiery Confluence. My hand was a mono Snapcaster Mage and mono Island with nothing in play but two Islands and two Plains with only an expected Absent as a relevant spell on my graveyard, so i knew i was pretty dead. I decided to get my edge this way, i simply passed. My opponent attacked with the token i played my Snapcaster blocked the token and playied Absent on the Karn which went on top whitout get activated I thought that i had many outs by than such as Gideon, Jace, Entreath or a counter. My opponent played a Magus then passed, i untapped with all basics and saw a Force than i played my island then passed again. Opponent played Karn i forced then saw in a row Terminus, Jace and the game was over. No time for g3 because of the slow g1

Turn 4 maverick 2-0

I kept a pretty sweet hand with Terminus Brainstorm Fow Plow and lands , the game went on a situation when my opponent was almost dead because he had many pieces in play with two cards in hand and i had a powerfull hand ready to set up my terminus on top, getting him on zero creature, lock his lands with b2b and kill him. He attacked i took the damage and on his second main phase he playied a Zenith for 1, i said ok totally confident that he was gonna get a shaman but he put a Sylvan Safekeeper and the pressure was on me. I felt stupid cause i could have countered that spell but safekeeper was out of my mind and definitelly unaspected. Gaddock Teek controlled by my opponent prevent me to play Terminus (with Safekeeper on board too, i can't play Plow targeting Gaddock), so I kept looking at my library when finally i found a Council Judgment, played it on the Safekeeper then finally a Terminus send my opponent to the heaven.

The second game had been mutch easier. A Back to Basics on turn 3 totally locked him up and a terminus got the job done later on.

Turn 5 grixis delver 0-2

My opponents on that round was Marcio Carvalho, a hareruya latin member, platinum pro.

I opened Snap, Plow, CS and 4 lands on the draw which was not so exciting but was enough for me to keep it, my opponent kicked off with Volcanic, Delver i drew a land played one and passed because i didn’t want to get my Plow dazed, he untapped flipped the Delver than attacked put a land in play and passed i drew another land played my Plow on the delver and had it pierced then i passed the turn. After he played a Pyromancer then Probe and then he said you drew nothing did you keep CS, Plow, Snap 4 lands right? Yes i did. Well the game ended with a whole army of token and Delver beating me down. I was little bit disappointed for finishing the game with 0 cantrips seen but it wasn’t the end of the world because i had plenty of time.

I kept i good hand on game two playied my land and passed, he started Sea, Therapy naming Force. I found it really weird as i expected from a good player to know that i was likely to side ‘em out in that specific match up but as far as he knew of my build it was probably due to the fact that Force was the only answer to wath he was going to play on the following turn, a Bitterblossom that over the turns enabled my opponent to destroy my hand by casting multiple Cabal Therapy. I felt pretty unlucky anyway but that’s magic

Turn 6 ???

Blackout! Sorry but i don't remember anything about this match :(

Turn 7 miracles 2-1

I won the dice and opened a pretty nice hand, the game was a classic mirror game where i resolved my Jace tms first and had a consistent card advantage over the turns after whose i succesfully resolved a Back to Basic that made my opponent to concede.
After sideboard i thought that would have been better to take off b2b because even if he had 6 dual lands he would have playied around it the whole game by fetching for basics as mutch as he could and that was totally fine for me so i took also two plains and carried out sideboarding. During the first game i had a guy behind me looking at the game for the whole duration of it, whene i finished sideboarding he moved apart and with the back of my eyes i saw him taking his phone by his hands, after few seconds my opponent still sideboarding had a quick look at the phone. I didn’t find out wath was going on probably because i was taken up from the game. Anyway the game 2 begun and the guy was back to me again. The game ended up with my opponent playng a turn four Jace which i countered with a Counterspell, I untapped, played my fourth mana and played my Jace, he let resolve. I did Jace bs and passed. My oppo drew and played a Back to Basics with a volc back up than i obviously let it resolve with double tundra in play no counter on my hand e no way to get white mana anymore than he rebbed my jace and passed when a flash came back on my mind, i knew that my opponent might had been given infos about my sideboard plane from the guy back me because there was no point to side b2b against uw. with no proves to call a judge i conceeded at 10 minuted left from the time a round. I asked the boy on my backwards to move away from me and he was gone. I took out 4 Portent, a Tundra, double Verdict and an Island and brought in 4 Plow, two Priest, the Back to Basics and obviously carried out the rest of my sideboard plane. With 10 minutes left the only way i could actually have won a mirror was to get a bounch of creatures in play and beat down, in order to do it my creatures should have attacked without get blocked by opponent’s Snapcaster or Vendillion. It’s something i did few times only if i was close to the end of the time.

Anyway i opened BS, Priest, Snap, Vendillion 3 lands. I thought turn one BS, turn 2 Priest, turn 3 Snap, BS and Clique, hoping to draw a Flusterstorm meanwhile. That’s literally wath appened while my opponent was struggling looking for mana after few cantrips. I won that game by playing a Back to Basics and Flusterstorm on his Force when he was tapped out and revenge was mine.

Turn 8 bug control 2-1

There’s not to mutch to say about the g1, i opened a really powerfull hand resolved a Jace tms on turn 4 with double Force on my hand, swept off a Nemesi a Shaman and a Leovold two turns later with a Terminus and buried him up with my card advantage.

The second game had been super funny, my opponent distrupted my hand on the first two turns by discard spells taking off a Force of Will and a Counterspell, resolved a Liliana the last Hope on turn 3, after that i played a bunch of cantrips looking for a solution but i couldn’t find anything.

On the game three my opponent drew too many lands and the game was mine when i played a turn 5 Gideon, turn 6 Jace turn 7 Back to Basics cleaning up the board with a Terminus on the same turn.

The day one was over and with a 6-1-1 record i was allowed on the day 2.


Turn 9 u/r painter 2-1 Unfortunately i don’t remember the game so i’m not gonna talk about it.


Turn 10 elves I just resolved multiple terminus in both games and won with jace and entreath.


Turn 11 bug aggro loam 0-2

The first game finished really quick, a Chalice of the Void on turn one, Dark Confident on turn two than Liliana of the Veil on turn three were just too hard pieces for me to fight against.

Before the beginning of the second game we both had a deck check that really punished me. The judge came back with the two decks saying that everything was totally fine.

I shuffled my deck as quickly and efficently as i could but that didn’t prevent me from take a double mulligan and lost the match for bad randomization.

Anyway i could have won that game if it wasn’t that after have played a bunch of cantrips i never found a white source to cast the Terminus i had in my hand along with Brainstorm and Back to Basics.

Turn 12 grixis delver 1 2

The first game had been a quite long one but i won it after my opponent decided to go all-in with creatures from his hand. Despite his double Force to protect the creatures from my Terminus, a Supreme Verdict got the job done nice and clean.

On the second game in a lack of concentration i passed the turn without play a land and well deserved lost that game.

One the game three opponent was with a single card in his hand which he had been holding for a few turns, i thought it might have been a bolt he was waiting to cast because i was always open for a Counterspell hed seen from a Gitaxian Probe. My hand was also a Jace the Mind Sculptor and a Predict.

Opponent at 7 life me at 3. he had in play 3 tokens from a Young Pyromancer, a Deathrite Shaman and a Delver that i had to let resolve in order to save the Counterspell for the Bolt i expected he had.

My board was Gideon, double soldier, a Snapcaster mage and a Jace at two which on the previous turn bounced the shaman.

I drew Ponder and saw the Entreath the Angel where things got messed up. I attacked with double token, Snapcaster and Gideon thinking that my opponent was at 5, forcing him to block at least Gideon and a creature, taking the minimum damage which was 4 and survive at one, at that point i would have bounced the Shaman than playied the Enthreath for one in his upkeep by casting Predict on me than blocked the Delver and survive to a potential bolt with my counterspell. It was won if it wasn’t that my opponent was at 7. My opponent blocked the Gideon let the rest pass when he called a judge. After explaining the situation was clear enought that i dealt two point of damage to him istead of me by a misstake so the game went complicated.

Because of that combat i had to cast the Enthreat leaving a single mana open for daze in order to have blockers, my opponent playied Flusterstorm and the game was over.

Turn 13 Miracles 2-0

My opponent was totally out of place on the day two of a gp with miracles i won both games after many mistakes he did.

Turn 14 Esper stoneblade

The first game was mine after a turn four Jace the Mind Sculptor resolved after a counterwar where i playied double Force of Will on a double Force of Will and the second my opponent was too unlucky on his mulligan at five.

Turn 15 miracles 2-0

Miracles again, now was the time for a guy that i always met on London’s legacy tournaments.

On the first game i had the time to build a strong and powerfull hand by playing a bunch of cantrips while my opponent was just playing lands and passing the turn when a Jace the Mind Sculptor on turn 4 still resolved after double Force, bent all the tings by my side. A massive card advantage plus Back to Basics closed the game fast and clean.

The second game he had been playing with lands open as mutch as he could probably because having 6 dual lands in play he was still afraid to get a Back to Basics in the face, but when it came to face a Gideon Ally of Zendikar he had to play a CouncilJjudgment which after a counterwar went countered from my Flusterstorm. A Jace the Mind Sculptor after two turns fined him.

The GP was over and 11-1-3 after more than one year out of competitive magic wasn’t a bad result at all but still i felt unhappy for how my losses went expecially where my mistakes costed me the game. However the weekend experience has been absolutely awesome as i met some new friends and enjoyied my time there with old ones also members e founders of the beloved Nebraska’s War, Stefano Lari, Davide Masella and Federico Cappellini, thank you guys for the support given over the weekend.

Hoping to do better next time see you soon guys