The evolution of ANT after the release of the last BANLIST

L’evolne di ANT dopo l’uscita dell’ultima BANLIST Following the release of the recent banlist, the metagame balances in our beloved format, the Legacy, have been altered. The trigger factor, which caused a domino effect in the meta, were the ban of Deathrite Shaman and Gitaxian [...]more

Choose your weapons 1 of 2

1. Good cards are bad cards Here we are again woody friends! the article that you read will deal with a much discussed topic that involves different aspects of our game and of us players above all. He often talks about it in groups, during the test and at tournaments. That is the choice of [...]more

Choose your weapons 2 of 2

2. Choose the cards This is one of the hardest things when it comes to Deckbuilding because it will touch different aspects of the game and each of these will be relevant in order to decide if how many cards of a certain type to play. In this regard I will guide you along my research path, [...]more

Approach and mentality.

Hello to all dear friends of the Wooded Team. What are we talking about today? Simple of Magic! strange you say, but today we want to talk about testing! The dark enemy of the player. All of us tend to try to test with our friends and prepare for the upcoming tournament, but is our method right? [...]more

Eternal Weekend 2018 U.S.A. - Legacy

      Hello everyone, woody and nebraskosi friends! Today I will talk about the Top8 at the Eternal Weekend 2018 U.S.A. Here is the final grid: Cyrus Corman-Gill with ANT   Brandom DeVera with Sneak & Show Matthew Dilks with Dark Depths John [...]more

Magic and D&D

Since 1997, year of the acquisition of TSR (Tactical Studies Rules) from the growing colossus Wizards of the Coast, an official crossover between Magic: The Gathering and Dungeons & Dragons has always been a dream for numerous fans of both hobbies.   In the summer of [...]more

Vintage never goes out of style

Hello everyone, dear friends and aficionados of Nebraska, are Lorenzo Tassone cofounder of Wooded Team. Many will know that the format in which I am mainly delighted is the Legacy where I graduated Invitational 2014 champion and semifinalist in 2015, but today I will talk about another format, the [...]more

D&D: Adventurers League

The I Cast Shield team was born thanks to our participation in the Pisa Adventurers League, both as masters and as players. For this reason the topic we want to tackle in this article is very important for us and for those who engage in Dungeons & Dragons organized [...]more

Role-playng game and D&D

Dungeons & Dragons is the most famous fantasy role-playing game ever created, conceived in 1974 by Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson, applying the tactical rules of the Chainmail miniatures game to a much lower scale than normal: the players, instead of having control of whole armies would have [...]more


Welcome, dear friends from Nebraska, Today we will take a plunge into the past to follow step by step the path of one of the most feared and characteristic decks: Goblins. Goblins has always been THE Tribal deck, accompanying generations of players in all formats to date. The appearance of [...]more

Big Eldrazi

Hello everyone from the woody construct, today I want to talk to you about a very special colorless deck: it's Big Eldrazi also called Colorless Post Ramp. The main plan of this deck is to develop a lot of mana thanks to lands such as places and "sol land", to cast spells with high [...]more


  Hello everyone, i'm Michele Bacci, player of Nebraska's War Event Magic Pro Team, and today I would like to offer you an analysis of the deck (exclusively with BUG colors) that led me to the victory of Nebraska's War 5.0 and two consecutive top8 at 4Season.   The [...]more

25 years of Magic: the Pro Tour of the celebration

Dear friends of Nebraska's War we finally got to the analysis of the Pro Tour of Minneapolis (3rd-5th August), apex of an entire season in the name of the celebrations for the 25th anniversary of MTG. Here is the official composition of each team, according to the official website: [...]more

Report Legacy GP Birmingham 27th Place by Enrico Selis

Hello everyone, my name is Enrico and today i wanna talk with you about a deck that i’ve been playing for a lot of time and i love: miracles. i will take a step back to introduce the deck list i played in Birmingham which i locked the 27th position with. 3x [...]more

Paradoxical - Legacy

There are many points to work on, such as the report no. Lands / n. Artefacati that for now I keep at 13/17 (approximately) respectively. In fact, we need to have enough artifacts to generate Metalcraft and Affinity with Thoughtcast. At the moment I maintain the relationship that is mainly used in [...]more